It’s been seven months. Seven months ago, the way we navigate the world changed abruptly and profoundly. I’ve been reluctant to write at all about it, because 2020 seems like a thing that cannot be summed up in words, at least not by me. Everyone has a unique experience, individual challenges, personal struggles and losses. … More Serendipity

It’s Decision Time

I love dogs. I love cats. I L-O-O-V-E  seeing everyone’s furbabies on social media. I remember many happy years with pets who were part of my family and still live in my heart. I’d love to rescue a dog. But I am not going to. My dream life of traveling conflicts with my desire to … More It’s Decision Time

I Was Scared…..

Maybe panicked was a better word. Sitting at the computer with my new beau (now my husband) planning our first trip together. I had always longed to travel, and now here, on the cusp of a trip to Hawaii, I was balking. So much money, so much time off work- what if this and what … More I Was Scared…..