Adventures are Unpredictable

That’s what makes them adventures.  This morning, my mind is full of images of yesterday’s Reston Runner’s marathon, which took place in a swirling storm of wind, rain, sleet and driving snow…..

At lunch afterwards, family members wondered aloud – how can you even do that?  ( What they really meant was- WHY would you even do that?)

It’s hard to explain to non-runners, but the bottom line is, for the adventure.

When you line up at the start of a marathon, there are certain things you already know. It’s going to be 26.2 miles (give or take). Some of it is going to be fun, and some of it isn’t. You’ll already have some expectations about the course, the scenery, and the weather. But sometimes, things happen that just cannot be predicted. Challenges above and beyond the expected. Wildlife, or weather, or a fall, or getting lost.

And THAT’s what gives you a story to tell.

We knew we were going to run the Reston marathon in the rain. The forecast was very clear. We stood at the start during the National Anthem with our hands over our hearts and the rain pouring down. We ran, and it rained, and the wind blew and then blew harder and got colder.

At mile 18, as I reached for a banana, I asked the aid station volunteer in disbelief- Is that sleet?

“Yep!”, he replied, and I swear he was grinning. So we ran, and it sleeted, and the wind blew, and then SNOW. Not just a flurry, no, this was a complete white out. So we ran, and it snowed, and the wind blew, and finally, at long last, we took a lap around the high school track in a full-on blizzard, and crossed the finish line.

We were soaked, chilled and exhausted.  Meeting our incredulous family for lunch, I tried to answer the questions. Why did you do it? How could you stand it? I don’t know. I can’t explain. It’s just part of the adventure!

Can you relate? Share your best adventure story!

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